How to Support Loved Ones Virtually at Doctor Appointments

Since the start of Covid 19 we have not been able to attend Doctor appointments with our family and friends. Many people have figured out how to be virtually present by either being conferenced in through a phone or via a video call. It’s best to check in advance with the office staff to let them know that you would like to attend virtually and that as a caregiver you are helping both them and the patient.

As a caregiver you can:

  • Make the appointment go quickly and efficiently for the doctor as you will be prepared with questions that your loved one is concerned about.


  • As the caregiver, you will take notes and you can explain everything to your loved one later and there most likely will not be any need to call the doctor back later.


  • As the caregiver, you can make sure that your loved one understands and follow the doctor’s instructions which ensures the best results from the doctor visit.

Your help makes a difference in care – important to patients and doctors!

Some notes on notes:

  • With your loved one, create a list of questions and topics to cover at the doctor’s appointment. Put your list in order of priority. 


  • Take notes on the doctor’s answers or ask to record on your phone and later you can listen and take notes from the recording.


  • Take notes with every contact with doctors, nurses, or other care providers.

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