National Family Caregivers Month

November is National Family Caregivers Month. So many people are taken care of by either family member(s) or friend(s). The care and support they provide is invaluable and greatly appreciated. This month we celebrate all the compassionate and dedicated caregivers.

The Caregiver Action Network is our nation’s leading family caregiver organization along with being a non-profit that provides education,  peer support, and family caregiver resources – all free of charge.

The 2021 theme is #CaregiverAnd which focuses on the other roles, activities and passions that are part of so many amazing caregivers’ lives.

Many caregivers have both a job alongside being a caregiver for their loved one. Check put this page on the Caregiver Action Network site for some great resources.

Many family caregivers don’t live near their family member but are caregivers from a distance. Here is another page on the Caregiver Action Network site that has useful information for caregivers caring from afar.

The 10 Tips for Family Caregivers reminds caregivers that they are not alone, to accept help and to practice self-care so that they have energy to care for their loved one. In addition, the Family Caregiver Toolbox has a lot of very informative and helpful resources. There is also a list of Agencies and Organizations that provide services to caregivers.

Another organization that has resources for caregivers is the Care Partner Project. They provide checklists for caregivers such as Hospital Checklists, Surgery Checklists and Safe Childbirth.

The Hospital Checklists include:

  • Prevent Superbug Infections
  • Prevent Sepsis Infections
  • Prevent Falls and Fractures
  • Prevent Blood Clots
  • Prevent Medication Mistakes
  • Prevent UTIs
  • Prevent Ventilator Pneumonia
  • Prevent Bed Sores

The Surgery Checklists include:

  • Get Good Information about Surgery
  • Prepare for Surgery
  • Manage Communication the Day of Surgery
  • Recover from Surgery at Home

The Safe Childbirth Checklists include:

  • How to support your loved one during pregnancy
  • How to support your loved one during childbirth
  • How to support recovery at home

There is also an informative section on Covid Care which has a checklist for supporting your loved ones’ hospital care from a distance.

Professional Patient/Health Advocates can help caregivers in navigating healthcare. You can find a Health Advocate by visiting these following sites:

Greater National Advocates

The Advo Connection Directory

Health AdvocateX

National Association of Healthcare Advocacy