January Health and Wellness Path

It’s the beginning of a new year and you may have made some resolutions to improve your health and wellness. For example, maybe you are beginning a new health and wellness journey, or you are making some healthy lifestyle changes to focus on this year.

What does your health and wellness currently look like? What would you like it to look like?

Below are some possible health and wellness goals that you might consider focusing this year.

Possible exercise goals:

  1. Get in 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days per week. This will increase your weekly activity.
  2. Schedule your workouts on your calendar each week. Therefore, putting this on your calendar holds you accountable.
  3. Include strength training or resistance training 3 times per week which results in increased muscle.
  4. Aim for at least 30 minutes of walking every day therefore increasing your daily step count.
  5. Use a fitness device or apps to track your daily workouts.

Consider these nutrition goals:

  1. Log your meals and snacks daily which most importantly informs you of your daily nutrition.
  2. Drink more water before meals and throughout the day so you will be more hydrated.
  3. Eat additional fruits and vegetables each day which as a result will increase your overall health.
  4. Focus on whole foods at every meal and snack.
  5. Consume more meals at home – this can include meal planning and preparing.
  6. Cut back on added sugars therefore reducing your risk of various health conditions.
  7. Eat more dark leafy green vegetables per day which as a result will increase your overall health.
  8. Enjoy some vegetarian meals each week.

Some additional healthy goals:

  1. Reach your desired healthy weight therefore reducing your risk of various health conditions.
  2. Reduce stress by including a stress relieving activity therefore increasing your overall health.
  3. Practice mindfulness therefore relieving stress and improving your overall health.
  4. Improve your sleep by changing up your bedtime routine and getting 8 hours of sleep.
  5. Spend more time interacting with family and friends.
  6. Include time for self-care every day.
  7. Build in some screen free time throughout the week.

Here are  some ways to achieve your goals:

  1. Set SMART goals:
  • SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound.
  • Specific - Be specific about your desired goal.
  • Measurable - How can you measure your progress?
  • Attainable - What steps will you take to attain your goal? Consider breaking large goals up into smaller goals.
  • Relevant – Does your goal have meaning to you?
  • Time-Bound What is a realistic amount of time that it will take to achieve your goal?
  1. One goal at a time: Focusing on one goal at a time leads to successful behavior changes.
  2. Overall goal: For a sustained change, consider having an overall large goal and then break that down into small goals to achieve.
  3. Hire a Health Coach: A health coach will work alongside you to as you set SMART goals, provide you with guidance, encourage positive thinking, increase your motivation for change, work with you to overcome barriers, provide the tools you need to reach your goals and empower you to make positive, long lasting changes that enhances your lifestyle.